Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sandwell St Georges Day Parade

Stone Cross St George Association, organisers of the Sandwell St Georges Day parade, have sent the following message to supporters …

Apologies for not giving much news of late but we’ve been working behind the scenes to try and move things forward.


The date of the parade WILL be the 19th April. Assembling in Westminster Road from 9:45am

Sandwell Council have allowed the fair to remain open on the Sunday and have given us permission to have a stage erected in the park so we can address the crowd of people. Obviously there will not be as much in the park as in previous years but a week ago we had nothing in going on in the park!


Some of the expenses for the parade are really high, Chris Kelly from Keltruck has very kindly offered to pay ‘the difference’ for the parade but as it stands at the moment we have very little in the way of donations from anywhere else! PLEASE try and help us financially, even if you could send a cheque for £1, All 3,400 of you all on this list will go a long way paying off just the insurance!

£1 will give you a mention on our website, £10 will give you a yearly membership, £100 a lifetime membership.


For more details, go to the Stone Cross St George Association website.

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